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Speed is a computer version of the classic card game Speed (otherwise known as Spit-Bo)

It is an intense, exciting card game between two players. You can play against the computer with 6 different skill levels or play against friends on a network or over the internet. Also, with the game you get an option of 23 different card backs and 4 different card styles creating a total of 92 looks.

The game play is fairly simple. You each get 5 piles of cards and must clear them up as fast as possible by moving them to the center piles. You can place a card either 1 below or above the center cards eg a 4 can go on a 5 and a 3 on a 4. While you do this your opponent races to do the same thing, but you must just do it quicker. If you manage to achieve victory you will find a fireworks display. The better you do, the better the display...

Good Luck and Have Fun !!!

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